Mr. Ahmad Samir

Mr. Ahmad Samir

  • CX Planning & Design Director, Telecom Egypt

A customer experience professional. I have been engaged by my employer during my career journey on making a radical change in the organization from customer service/care/support into customer centric, from customer satisfaction into customer happiness, from CX in to Quality of Experience and high level of differential promoter score, using latest techniques, best practices, and digitization, from classical support into omni channel.

I am a service centric mindset leader with a solid experience in Strategic planning, and I am Passionate about training and people development, results driven Customer Experience leader.

My current designation is:

customer experience planning & design director in WE, Telecom Egypt, widely recognized as the largest national integrated telecom company in Egypt & Middle East.

I have more than 19-years of working experience in Contact Center industry, Training & Development, Business Process Outsourcing, Strategic Planning, Quality & Process Management. I delivered different training programs and workshops in both Egypt and Gulf countries.

My skills were dedicated in my career to shape a culture and create several layers of Customer oriented successors.

Proficient in Client relationships management, I have Strong organizational skills, Analytical and problem-solving techniques, Operational excellence & improvement, results and solutions oriented, efficiency and solutions focused, always focusing on maximizing engagement and collaboration.

Guest Speaker in many international conferences and events in Europe, Africa, and middle east related to the cutting-edge trending technologies, AI, Customer experience, and future business prospects in the new era.

· Leadership and ability to function as an inspirational member of a highly motivated and integrated management team.

· Very knowledgeable of how to generate cultural change leveraging change management disciplines.

· Proven ability to lead change and advocate for change at all levels within the organization.

· Build strong cross-functional partnerships at multiple levels within the company.

· Global career mobility, professional development, planning for outstanding employee recognition programs.

· Results and execution-oriented with the ability to manage a spectrum of large projects.

· Drives strategic initiatives, and supports the development of sustainable growth plans and profitability goals.

· Analyses and recommends emerging industry trends, expansion opportunities, including mergers and acquisitions, competitive threats, viability of external business partners, internal business performance and business process improvement.

Career Profile January 2022 to present

Member of CXPA Regional Leadership Council & leadership service.

Member of CXPA Book of knowledge and customer experience strategy worldwide.

· Customer Experience Professionals Association is the premier global nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement and cultivation of the Customer Experience profession.

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